Themes in the U.S. and World History

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Lindsay Hight
Themes in U.S. And World History Task One
Western Governors University

Part A

There were a few physical geographic factors that contributed to the development of the Egyptian society and the most significant was the Nile river in Egypt. This was the most significant geographic feature because of the multiple advantages it provided that affected many aspects of Egyptian way of life.

The first way it affected the Egyptian development was by providing a variety of building material from its riverbed. Mud from the Nile was dried in the sun and used to make basic structures and housing. In the riverbed there was also sandstone and limestone that was used for building temples, statues and pyramids. The second way the Nile benefited Egypt's development was the benefit to agriculture. The Nile provided farmers a way to irrigate crops as well as provided fertile top soil to farmers. The Nile had a wide riverbed which decreased chances of flooding and made it safer and more predictable. The last way the Nile affected development was its economical benefit. The Nile tributaries could be taken north to trade with the Mediterranean area and south to trade with South Africa. Part B

The origin of the chariot is Mesopotamia. The concept of a chariot was spread to other societies by travelers, traders and military use during invasions and wars. The chariot was modified by different societies by changing what it was built with depending on what type of wood and supplies available, how it was used and by how many soldiers, as well as adapting the weapons to accommodate the soldier on the chariot. Chariots impacted the other societies by changing the way people could travel as well as how different societies military fought.

Part C

Two major factors that affected the United States development was the Mississippi River and the amount of gold in foothills and rivers of California. The Mississippi River...

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