Themes in Death of a Salesman

Topics: Personal life, Death of a Salesman Pages: 4 (1728 words) Published: October 11, 2007
Throughout the ages the concepts of dreams have been explored. Dreams have not necessarily contained the same substances but gradually changed according to the environment, beliefs, and social understandings. When America first originated, the dream of religion was brought from Europe. Puritans were the first landowning Americans to come and live in North America (Indians were the original owners). Puritans came to America to escape religious persecution; they dreamed to have religious, economic, and social freedoms. During the colonial era people were known to be pure and no evil was ever seen, heard, or said about. It was a community of peaceful ways and religious aspects. Puritans began accomplishing these dreams but the same mistakes (killing innocent people) were being committed, this occurrence was due to superstition (Benet, 1937). Since superstition became such a factor of their every day life, other people commenced to a new a way of life. Thus, the Gothic era was born; all of the beauty that was contained in colonial era was washed away with the darkness of reality. The goal of gothic was to unravel the truth and express how evil the world was. The thing was that gothic did not want to make everything crystal clear but mysterious. Literature during this age was filled with allegories so that people could figure out the true meaning of gothic. Once this concept was overrated and perplexing people started to express themselves without all of the obscurity. This new era was known as realism, its objective was to show the truth without all of the allegories. Realism also showed the concept of war and how the human race was at the mercy of the environment. Individuals were no longer the protagonist of life but the environment was. People yearned to live and did all they could just to survive. Men were often occupied in the front line fighting for their country while women worked at home. Women became more liberal and objected to the old puritan ways. They no...
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