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Project Submitted to Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal

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Kunal Bapna


I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the institute, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal, and Manipal University for providing me an opportunity to conduct this research. I would also like to thank the Principal Prof. Parvadhavardhini G as well as the Project coordinator, Prof. Y.G. Tharakan, for all the patience and guidance provided to me throughout the dissertation period. I take this opportunity in expressing the sense of gratefulness to Mrs. Shreelatha Rao and my faculty mentor Mr. Raghavendra for their time and guidance. I would also like to acknowledge to Mrs Jyothi Mallya, our college librarian and her staff for providing me access to the facilities in the library. Further, I would like to thank all other teaching and non-teaching staff for their undying support throughout this academic year. Last but not the least I am grateful to my family, for their love, understanding, prayers, guidance, and encouragements.


The information contained in this research is in no way to be interpreted as recommendation by Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Karnataka, India, for resting down any industrial standards or as any kind of proposal to be adopted by one or be enforced upon any member of the hospitality industry.


I hereby declare that this dissertation is my own original work and has not been submitted before to any institution for assessment purposes. Further, I have acknowledged all sources used and have cited these in the reference section.

Kunal Bapna


Chapter 1: Introduction
About Theme Restaurants
1.1 Michelin Star Restaurants
1.2 AA rosette
1.3 Restaurants in Mumbai
1.4 Themed restaurants in Mumbai
Chapter 2: Statement of Problem
Chapter 3: Literature Review
3.1 Main features & Classifications of Themed restaurants 3.2 Eating out Mumbai
3.3 Ethnic Theme Based Restaurants
3.4Customer Perception
3.5 Themed restaurants around the world
3.6 Movie themed restaurant Take 27
3.7Cultural impact
3.8 Mumbai catering differently to its customers
3.9 Challenges faced by themed restaurants
3.10 Restaurant Image
3.11 Demographic Influence on the dining behavior
3.12 Bombay themed Restaurant-U.K
3.13 New-Toilet themed restaurant…would you go?

3.14 The Wizard of the Opera………………………………..

3.15 Batman…………….

3.16 Glory Glory ManUtd!!

3.17 Eze breeze

Chapter 4: Research Methodology
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Purpose of Research
4.3 Research Design
4.4 Research Question
4.5 Research Method
Chapter 5: Data Analysis
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Theme of the restaurant
5.3 Age
5.4 Profession
5.5 Education Level
5.6 Willingness to Pay
5.7 Frequency of visit
5.8 Preference
5.9 Attractiveness
5.10 Service Staff
5.11 Cleanliness of the restaurant
5.12 Nutrition of the food
5.13 Menu
5.14 Lighting Design
5.15 Background Music
5.16 Speed of service…………………………….
5.17 Parking
5.18 Memorable experience
5.19Kind of experience prefered
5.20 Overall Satisfaction
5.21.1Age* Frequency of visit
5.21.2 Kind of places you prefer while dining out *Age
5.21.3 Age* Willingness to pay
Chapter 6: Conclusion

Multiculturalism is an intrinsic part of the historical formation and...

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