Theme of Truth in " Other Side of Truth"

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(The other side of truth)

Task: To write a short essay (300-800) words on the theme of truth.

Beverley Naidoo grew up in South Africa but as a white child, she did not question why her family had all of the privileges that black families did not share. However when she went she went to university in the 1960’s she became involved in the anti-apartheid movement and spent eight weeks in prison. She has written about South Africa in “journey to jo’burg” and “no turning back”. For the other side of truth, she describes the situation in Nigeria when Ken saro-wiwa was executed for writing about corruption in the government.

The other side of truth is an historical fiction novel set on a true story. This novel is told in third person and is mainly focused on the thoughts and actions of the main character, a young Nigerian girl named ‘Sade’.

Beverley Naidoo has used flashbacks to something that has happened in Sade’s life in the past that relates to the story at the time. It might be something that her mother had once told her. An example of this from the novel follows: When Sade returns from school on her first day. Aunt Gracie asks her what it was like and Sade replies, ‘it was fine thank you!’ this was a lie and there is then a flashback to something that Sade’s mother had once said: “Tell a lie, play with fire, but don’t complain

Of the smoke.”

Dr Folarin Solaja is another main character in the novel .He is the father of Sade and Femi and also is a journalist. He is a type of person who hates lying, but is in such a situation that he has to lie to get out of all this trouble, the following quotation follows:

“The truth is the truth, how can I write
What is untrue?”

The above quotation tells us that it does not matter whatever situation Solaja is in, but he always tells the truth because one lie leads to another and then leads to trouble.

In chapter 17 Sade and Femi are in such a...
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