Theme of the Story of an Hour

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After reading "The one hour of story", I was attracted deeply by it. I like it so much. And I think that this story theme is - freedom, women freedom. In the that time, As a woman had to take all the responsibility her husband and social in the social. As if they were trapped in small intangible cage. They were even numb, whatever body or spirit. They were trapped in it couldn't extricate oneself. However, Mrs. Mallard, she was quite different from other women, she looked forward to the freedom. Although she felt free, in the end she couldn’t realize her freedom because of power lessens. "the one hour of story" related When Mrs. Mallard who has suffered from heart problem hear news of the death of her husband who was believed to have died in a railroad disaster. And then, Mrs. Mallard locks herself in her room to mourn the loss of her husband. However, she begins to feel a sense that body and soul free because of his death. At the end of the story, her husband was not involved in the railroad disaster and upon his return home. Mrs. Mallard suddenly dies. The doctor of diagnosis is that she was so overjoyed to see her husband that the joy was too much for her. The end of this story is tragic. Mrs. Mallard's life was boring and nothing for her before getting the news of the death of her husband. When she stayed in her room alone and felt the scenery outside the window, as if he got the new expectation that was free. The scenery of spring represents freedom. It is where freedom are, the trees are quivering in the wind, clouds float on blue sky, a peddler is crying and countless sparrows are singing a song. It is new beginning and full of free expectation. Scenery outside the window touch Mrs. Mallard's heart. It seems a key to unlock intangible cage. She felt something that was too subtle and elusive to name coming. This spring scenery is very well evidence the freedom theme And I think that her room represents the that intangible cage. When she...
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