Theme of Shawshank, Institutionalization

Topics: English-language films, Mind, Prison Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: October 18, 2005
When the inmates are relased after years of being suck in Shawshank, they find difficulty functioning in the real world, this is the effects of Institutionalization. Institutionalization is a major theme in "Shawshank Redeption". Institutionalization by definition means to become a part of a well-orgainzed system and follow a rotine. The inmates follow a set routine and dont make any of their own chocies in life. After so long of not being able to make their own desicions, the inmates can start to lose their independent descion making skills.

When Brooks is realesed, after years and years of being in prison, he is not able to deal with socity. He had spent so many years being told what to do that when he was set free he could no longer think for him slef. Brooks pet bird, Jake, was also a symbol of this instutialzation. Jake had been rasied in the prision, not given choices in daily life. Then one day he is just set free, but the bird has never been given the chance to think on its own so it most likley will not make it in the real world.

The inmates are not able to do anything independent
in this system. They become relayant on this order and the rules, then they are just suddenly set free and dont know what to do with themsleves. Its like a major part of their life has been taken away, along with loseing all the friends that they made in prison.

An execption to this theme of intulization in the movie, is Andy. He was able to beat the system by keeping his mind independent . He was able to think for himself and make his own descions within the orders he was given. He kept his mind healthy and didn't give into haveing other people think for him. This is way when Andy escapes he does just fine.

What happens to the inmates in prison is something they least except. When they first get their they hate the system and orders, but then they become realyant on this, and by the time they leave they are depedant on it and unable to function without it.
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