Theme of Love

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: April 3, 2013
African American History
English 313-01
March 27, 2013

The Theme of Love

The theme of love was developed in three African American Literature works; “Sweat” by Zora Hurston, “Long Black Song” by Richard Wright, and “when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story” by Gwendolyn Brooks ; each author allowing their main character to express doubtable love with their significant other. In “Sweat”, Hurston gives vivid detail of couple’s unhappy and abusive relationship ultimately causing one character to lose his life from a scarce. Hurston describes the couple’s relationship in the text; “Delia and Sykes fought all the time now with no peaceful interludes” (1026). This short story would even have one to wonder if love is enough to endure what the main character Delia dealt with? She was verbally abused, physically abused, and cheated on by her husband Sykes with a woman named Bertha. Delia had to love Sykes to be tortured by him for any normal person would not have endured this type of abuse. There has to be a greater love for someone to stand by that person when they do you wrong. The reader has to wonder, how much patience does Delia have? Some may say “love” for her abusive husband come to a resolution? Delia, tired of her husband’s verbal abuse picks up a cooking pan, threatening as though she is going to hit Sykes which shocked him and he did not hit her as Hurston states, “She sized the iron skillet from the stove and struck a defensive pose, which art surprised him greatly, coming from her. It cowed him and he did not strike her as he usually did” (1023). Delia is gaining her self confidence and standing up to Sykes. The reader can develop a sense from Delia’s spirituality that she knows that through all of Sykes bad behavior, he would get what is coming to him eventually in some way. Sykes is killed by the one thing that scares Delia and the very thing that he used to...
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