Theme of Corruption in Lord of the Flies

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William Golding's book, The Lord of the Flies, shows us how seclusion from society can lead to changes in behavior and create savages out of us. For example, in the book, British school boys get trapped on a deserted island and have to fight for their survival. The boys become corrupt due to the lack of leadership and lack of a rule system. Conflict arises over who will be proclaimed chief, the boy's priorities get mixed up, and the thirst to kill comes alive inside of them.

In the beginning of the book, when Ralph gets elected leader, it becomes obvious that there is going to be conflict between Ralph and Jack throughout the story. After Ralph gets crowned chief, Jack shows humiliation and anger towards everyone because he feels as though he should have been named leader due to the fact that he is the choir leader. He tells Ralph, "I ought to be chief because I'm chapter chorister and head boy"(22). At one point in the story, a meeting is called on the island because Jack is starting his own group. He tells the kids, "my hunters will protect you from the beast, who will join me"(150)? Jack wants to create a separate tribe and have fun, where as Ralph wants to devote his time and energy to being rescued.

The lack of adult leadership allows the boys on the island to make their own decisions and their priorities are get messed up. Ralph is very focused on getting rescued and Jack just wants to have fun. Ralph carefully instructs Jack to keep the signal fire going so that a rescue ship might see it. When a ship finally passes by, Ralph looks up to see that the signal fire is completely out and there isn't any smoke for the boat to see. He tells Jack, "They might've seen us. We might've gone home"(70). Ralph is furious with Jack because he left the fire to go and hunt for wild pigs. Jack doesn't see any problem with letting the fire go out. In Ralph's mind, one of the top priorities is getting shelter. He gets furious when Jack's choir boys go...
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