Theme of Betrayal in A View from the Bridge

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View from the Bridge

Topic: Discuss the theme of betrayal in “A View from the Bridge”

The book, “A View from the Bridge”, by Arthur Miller has a lot of betrayal in it and this is what I will be discussing in this paper. In this story, Rodolfo wants to marry Catherine but the only man that stands in his way is Marco. Marco this Radolfo is gay because he can bake and do stuff a woman does.Also to talk about the way Edie betrays his wife, Beatrice and this was because of Catherine too.

At the beginning of the story Eddie seems like a caring person when he is talking to Catherine and Catherine seems to always want the attention and approval of Eddie. Since Catherine is Eddie’s niece, there is not that sense of father daughter feel between them. Beatrice knows there is something wrong but can not put her finger on it and does not want to bring it up because she knows it will make everything awkward and weird for the group. Eddie starts to see things about Catherine that he did not see before, like her walk being a little too provocative and her skirt a bit too short. Once Eddie brings this up to Catherine, Catherine does not take it easy. She sees it as an attack and does not want this to happen anymore. She starts feeling uncomfortable around Eddie. In the long wrong Eddie starts to fall for Catherine and that is how Eddie betrays Beatrice because Beatrice is married to Eddie and they have been together for awhile and she does not want to divorce now because of catherine. Eddie does not notice or even pay attention to Beatrice and this is the major way that he betrayed her because he loved Catherine and threw Beatrice out of the picture.

Marco and Rodolfo both are immigrants that come into Eddie’s house to stay with his family in order to collect money and send it back to their families to Italy. So Marco and Rodolfo are friends and close like family. Marco tells Radolfo to not put them in jeopardy because Marco does not want him to screw up this...
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