Theme Analysis: Coming of Age, Sacrifice to Benefit Others

Topics: Sacrifice, African American, Boy Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: March 6, 2013
English 1102|
Theme Analysis|
Mentor’s Lessons Heard in Jazz Time|
Asia Alston|

This essay will reveal themes revealed throughout Cash’s Mentor’s Lessons Heard in Jazz Time and personal connections|

Mentor’s Lessons Heard in Jazz Time is an article by Malcolm Cash telling a short story of appreciation of his mentor, Lawrence Barclay. Cash ends the article by saying “thank you Mr. B for the jazz lessons”. The jazz lessons mentioned are not typical lessons of jazz, but instead life lessons symbolized by jazz. Cash meets Barclay by fate and accepts Barclay’s wisdom and guidance and with maturation appreciates Barclay’s well-played roll in his life. To tell this story, the article includes two prominent themes: coming of age and sacrificing for the benefit of others. This essay will reveal key moments throughout Mentor’s Lessons Heard in Jazz Time that provide evidence of the two projected themes. The reader will see that coming of age and sacrificing for the benefit of others is a necessary part of life and creates a better self. The theme coming of age is supported by Cash’s first encounter with Barclay. On Cash’s first encounter with Barclay, Barclay approaches him right after giving a “major speech”. Cash explains that during his speech he “tried to speak with emotional conviction while providing the student and faculty with a clear and historically grounded speech on the critical importance of African-American history for the country in general and the Oberlin High School curriculum in particular”. After his speech he was approached by a “small, well-built, serious looking black man”. Cash expected the man to congratulate him on a job well done, but instead of the expected praise, he said, “Young man, that was an informative speech, but you must watch your grammar and support your ideas and propositions with more evidence.” Cash soon finds out the man is Lawrence Barclay. He explains his first encounter with Barclay being a...
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