Theme Analysis: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Topics: Vatican City, Pope, Pope Benedict XVI Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: April 6, 2006
Throughout history a people's hopes have enabled them to triumph against all odds. The militiamen of colonial America were able to protect their independence from the British, who at the time had the largest, most powerful military in the world. In more recent years, the passengers of a commercial airliner included in the 9/11 tragedy were able to crash their plane before it reached its unknown, but surely, life-devastating destination. These were ordinary people were able to overtake armed, savagely trained terrorists. They were empowered by the hope of saving lives, which they did through their brave sacrifice. This kind of hope inspires many emotions and feelings. It allows people to convince themselves that what they want to happen will happen. This effect travels far beyond the mind. As hope strengthens ones mental ability, it allows a person to fully utilize him or herself. This hope is both a drive and inspiration. It works for positive and negative causes, but it does work to strengthen and empower a person. In the novel, Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, several characters are empowered by hope; a hope that is the inspiration that causes people to be all that they can be.

Robert Langdon, a scholar of religious symbology and professor at Harvard University, made a life changing decision based on hope. Langdon was phoned by a total stranger in the middle of the night. This stranger, Maximillian Kohler, was demanding to see Langdon in person. Langdon rejected this demand, but he soon changed his mind after being sent a fax of a dead body. Branded on the dead body was an eerie symbol both unknown and familiar to Langdon. Langdon recognized the symbol to be the symbol of the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati. Langdon, and other Illuminati experts alike, have spent centuries trying to find this ancient symbol. At that moment, Langdon agreed to meet Kohler's demands and be flown to Kohler's headquarters.

Langdon's hope overshadowed all his thoughts of...
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