Thelma and louise

Topics: Gender, Woman, Thelma & Louise Pages: 2 (969 words) Published: May 18, 2014
Daniel Stetson
Rick Adams
English 101
03 April 2014
During the 70’s, the time frame when Louise and Thelma is set, women weren’t viewed as equal citizens as men. Therefore, there were expectations for contemporary women on how they act, and the things expected by men for them to perform. For example men expected their wives to stay home and clean the house, make dinner, do dishes etc. Because they were considered less powerful then men, men often took advantage of women and believed they couldn’t do anything about it. According to Scott contemporary women at the time were viewed differently, but Scott’s main statement throughout the film contradicts this theory and supports equality between gender. To start off to show the gender imbalance on women, Scott first portrays this by showing Thelma’s husband Darrell bossing her around. To continue, he constantly nags her and doesn’t let her leave the house when she wants and expects that he prepares dinner for him every night. This behavior showed by Darrel depicts how during this time frame, most men treated woman. Darrel constantly pushing and nagging her is what brings up the idea of leaving in the first place, she is tired of Darrel. Even though Darrel is so mean to Thelma she is still nervous about leaving him for a couple nights, afraid of the reaction of Darrel. In the beginning of the film Thelma is very timid and shy, while Louise is introduced as a women who didn’t believe in the sexual expectations she was supposed to follow in the first place. An example of Thelma being very timid is when carrying the gun she carries it like she wants nothing to do with it, much like she is afraid of it. To Add on, another example of these sexual expectations is when Holden is trying to force Thelma to have sex with him. Holden thinks because he is a man and she is a woman that he could take what he wants and it shouldn’t be up to Thelma what she wants. When Louise shoots Holden this was a turning point...
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