Thelma and Louise

Topics: Black-and-white films, Gender, English-language films Pages: 3 (1332 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Thelma and Louise

This movie is talking about an adventure of two women, who are middle age good friends and they plan to have a fun just for 2 days originally. However, after the accident happened in the parking lot of a bar on their way to their destination, everything went wrong and their vacation was like a disaster. But during their trip, they survived, they found out their way to live and found back their self-respect so I think it is a good model as a feminism movie and that’s way I choose this movie. Then let me introduce the movie and analysis it. In the beginning of the movie, it introduces the two women main character Thelma and Louise who are all beautiful and middle aged. But Thelma’s husband who is a very male chauvinism man, restricting his wife at home and going out anywhere himself, shouting at his wife and keeps commanding his wife rudely. On the other hand Louise is a waitress, having a boyfriend but not marry yet. I think in the late 1900s women are still oppressed by the society and men. Even though the film does not mention the era, I can figure the time easily because the social status of women is still low and equivalent to the other film “North Country”. After a routing insult from her husband, Thelma decides to go having fun with Louise without her husband’s permission and this is the first step that makes her find herself. When they are on the road, Thelma becomes wild, passionate and crazy and energetic like she is just released from the jail. She also mentions that she feels the call of the wild. When they stop driving for fun in a bar, she is cheated by man’s sweet words and dancing with him. I think because this is the very first time she expresses herself, and compared with Louise, Thelma is more innocent and reckless. So the consequence is that she is nearly to be raped. But honestly, what she has done? She just has some fun like anyone else. But the women will be raped and the men are not, from this accident I think...
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