Thelma and Louis by Cynthia Danga

Topics: Grand Canyon, American films, National Film Registry Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Critical Analysis Questions
1. Louise is the first of the two main characters shown, at the snack bar. It is noisy, crowded and fast paced. The cameraman follows her from point to point , in this way making her the center of attention and also serving to give the viewer a good view of the snack bar. On the other hand, Thelma's kitchen is quiet and she is alone. From the onset, the viewer gets an insight into the loneliness and boredom in Thelmas life. This is further confirmed when her husband comes into the scene, acting rude and unappreciative of her. Louise is the free-spirited one - this is depicted by how she is shot in different parts of the snack bar. The viewer gets the sense that she is independent. Thelma, on the other hand is in the small kitchen and her movement are limited by that space - her kitchen. Ken, her husband, comes in, and the kitchen looks even smaller - suggesting that he overwhelms her.

4)Thelma gets sexually harassed by Harlan despite discouraging his advances. In that scene, we see an extension on how Thelma's husband treats her. She is once shown as a vulnerable woman. They also meet a truckdriver who makes obscene sexual advances to them. It is very dark outside and Louise confronts Harlan. When he retorts in a sexually derogatory manner, she shoots him and they escape the scene. It gets really dark and starts to rain. Nextwe see Thelma driving fast and losing control of her car: the viewer feels the panic and the uncertainty of what will transpire next. The blood on Thelmas face and her shaky voice add to the picture of a hurt and vulnerable woman. The rain and slippery roads depict the gloom and impending danger they now face. As the two women drive off to Mexico, the camera focuses on their faces. They are speeding away from their problems and the prospect of freedom is getting closer. The light on their faces symbolises hope, freedom and happiness. When they are on the road, the camera uses different shots...
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