Thelifeofpi-Analysis of Amma and Appa

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Family Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: May 19, 2013
(14:30) His Father doesn’t believe in god because of disease he had in his childhood: He said that God didn’t save him, but medicine did. He also told Pi and his brother that “Religion is Darkness” The father only believes in hard work and good occasions. He is realistic and always tries to explain to Pi that this is not a game; that it is important and that he must grow up. He also said that (19:40) “Believing in all religions is the same thing that not believing in anything.” He supports science more than religion. Indeed, he said: “In a few hundred years, Science has brought us more knowledge of the world than religion in ten thousand years” (24:48) He made once a show of force to show Pi that religion can’t change things and that he needed to think rationally. (The tiger part) Amma.

(14:30) His mother was raised in a good family and she went to university. Unfortunately, she married someone without her parent’s accord so she was rejected. Religion is the only bound between her and her past. His mother supports his choice of adopting several religions. The sole reason is that she thinks that he’s still young and doesn’t realize the importance of all this. For her, this is all just a pass-time activity for him. At the end of the movie, Pi’s mother is compared to Orangutan because she is neutral and rarely acts to the events happening.
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