Their Struggles and Their Success

Topics: Pocahontas, Powhatan, John Rolfe Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Their Struggles
And their success

Once in our life time we all have seen or heard about the movie Pocahontas. To little kids and most people this movie is just that a movie, a simple fairy tale even, but there is more to this Disney animated movie that meets the eye. The movie Pocahontas begins with ships full of British settlers who first arrive to the “New World” from London. Captain John Smith and Governor Radcliffe are two of the main people that are important on this venture. Later on in the movie Pocahontas and Captain Smith bond quickly and fall in love. They begin to start meeting in secret however they’re soon are discovered and it creates a serious tension between the British and Indians. Although the movie is just fiction it does contain some true facts. Do we ever think about what is true? Do we ever think about the actual struggles the British had to go through when they first arrived to the new world? Do we ever even think about how many people actually survived the journey from London and what killed them when they arrived to the New World? Did they succeed or fail in the New World? I will discuss some of the hard times and struggles the settlers had to go through, and what life really was for them in the new strange place.

The English colonist departed from London on three different ships- the Godspeed, the Discovery, and the Susan Constant on December 20, 1606, and arrived to the “New World” on May 14, 1607. (McCartney 2012) The called the New World Jamestown in honor of their king. The colonist left London with a purpose to find profit not only for them self’s but for the Virginia Company of London as well. They left London with high hopes and excitement not knowing what to expect. However, when they arrived to the New World they encountered problems they certainly didn’t expect at all. Finding gold, riches, and any type of profit wasn’t as easy as the colonist thought it would be. Life for settlers was hard; they weren’t...
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