Their Eyes Were Watching God

Topics: Cakes, Teacake, Zora Neale Hurston Pages: 3 (1392 words) Published: June 12, 2011
In their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie states “Love is like the sea. It's uh movin' thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets, and it's different with every shore.” What Janie means by this statement is that love is something that changes form with every person one meets, and that love is never the same with someone else. What Janie fails to realize is that she is both the sea and the shore and that the love she is looking for is inside herself.

Janie sees her life as a tree that's full of life. In Chapter 2, a teenage Janie lies beneath a pear tree watching the visiting bees. She then watches as a “dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom; the thousand sister-calyxes arch to tiniest branch creaming in every blossom and frothing with delight “ (Hurston 11). Under the pear tree is where Janie learns what love is. To her love something that's picture perfect. She wants a love that fulfills both her and the “shore”.

Janie gets married to Logan Killicks with the idea of this picture perfect love that she is searching for. But instead, In chapter 4 Janie finds a life of being compared to Logan's first wife. “ Mah fust wife never bothered me 'bout choppin' no wood nohow. She'd grab dat ax and sling chips lak uh man”(Hurston 26). Logan states that his first wife never asked him to do anything for her, how she always did them herself. Unlike Janie who to Logan is just a spoiled little girl and he feels that he has to keep spoiling her. Other then being married to someone she does not love and being compared to Logan's first wife, she was also blamed for her grandmother and her mother's mistakes. A bit later in chapter 4 Logan calls for Janie to come and help move manure pile before sundown, Janie then reply's that he does not need her help, that their both where their suppose to be. They exchanged a couple words, then Logan gets angry and says “...Ah'm too honest and hard workin' for anybody in yo'family,...
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