Theatre vs. Movies

Topics: Film, Entertainment, Theatre Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: May 4, 2013
In the busy life of the city, people often lack time for fun and relaxation but when they do, they often spend it movies and theatre. People often choose between theatre productions and movies based on their preferences. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the entertainment level, the quality of the characters’ performances and impact to the audience of theatre productions and movies.

Theatre productions and movies are both entertaining but they have entertainment levels which vary depending on how they are presented and how the audience perceive them. Since the main point of these it to entertain people, it is important that they reach a high level of entertainment in order to entice more people to watch them. Costumes, props, and effects, add to the entertainment level. Most people find movies more entertaining because movies have more enhanced visual and audio effects. Theatre productions, which are personally my favorite, have limited effects. They are presented live and cannot be edited. In order to add more effects, they rely on props and sound effects. Other than the effects, people also look at the quality of the characters’ performances. Movies and theatre production teams usually hire or cast trained and experienced actors to play a part in their movie or stage production. In movies, since they are filmed, the actors can easily correct their mistakes. Whenever they make a mistake, the director can stop that scene and film again. For theatre productions, however, actors do their performances live so they have to be perfect in carrying out their roles since there is no director to cut the play and repeat the scene again during the actual performance day. With these attributes, movies and theatre productions have different impact on the audience. Audience impact partly depend on the preferences of the people. Some people are more affected or moved by theatre performances, others by movies.

But from experience movies seem to have a...
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