Theatre Review: Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Anna in the Tropics, a play that had won a Pulitzer Prize for 2003 had made one of its many performances at the wonderfully built and great resemblance thrust stage. The show was quite spectacular when you look at all the things it had to offer. From the moment you walk into the theatre you notice that almost all of the seats are taken and that this play is very well known and can offer an explosive performance. You knew that by seeing where everyone sat that the distance from the stage to anyone in the audience would be great from wherever you could be sitting. It gave a feeling to be most comfortable. The show wasn't oversold and therefore not overbooked. It took place at the BCC Central Campus' Bailey Hall in Davie Florida and let me say that when a performance goes there, it is worth your time.

The first thing that is wondered at the start of a play is "What is being attempted?". The play was attempting to create a story with a realistic background and performance. The way that the actors of this story was presented it was very melodramatic, but in a good way depending on how you see it. Almost every moment in that play carried a serious plot, from characters showing a heavy Spanish accent, being on par with emotions, an old cigar workshop, the scenery, and the lighting. The action was very real and kept and serious face through thick and thin. The realism encountered in this play included which I didn't think was possible to have on a live event, were real cigars and even had them smoked on stage. All the way from the start where the chicken fight took place as the exposition all the way to climax. These are great proofs found in the play and shows for a start on a strong path for a great show.

As for the style of the show, it was aimed to be an experience like any other. The story took place in an old fashioned and what seemed to be a shop. Kind of like a sweat shop for example, where it looks like hard underpaid workers would be. The company is run by...
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