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Topics: History of theatre, Drama, Classical unities Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: October 2, 2013

Why knowing the history of theatre so important to actors? This is something I use to ask myself a lot. In this Theatre History coarse I am slowly realizing why just knowing my history will help me as an actor. In this paper I will discuss some.

The origin and development of Theatre started well over twenty-five hundred years ago. During that time performances where performed for ritual reasons that did not requires initiation on the part of the spector. A man named Aristotle came along a said that Theatre is a contrast to the performances of sacred mysteries. In every society today performative element are present every day. Theatre is not only a form of entertainment it is a beautiful form of art. Our first day of class we were asked what we see theatre as in today’s society and we expressed Theatre to be history, story-telling and art-life which are all true elements of Theatre. Most importantly knowing Theatre History form and how it has grown and changed over the years is important to our craft. I learned how powerful and universal theatre has been over all these years and how it connects to society and to individuals in general. It’s a performance of the self you can go see a show and there and actor or story line that’s so related to you or something you may have been through or even someone you know. Its relevant to people in today’s society and current events basically it’s an alternative reality that’s for everyone. The power of Theatre is incredible because its engaging just experiencing a story being acted out in front of you is a once in a life time kind of experience because its in the here and now moment.

In this Theatre History II course we are exploring theatre and many different kinds of dramatic literature we read about the Neoclassical tragedy which I found to be very interesting. Neoclassical theatre is one of the strict forms of theatre had strong demand with decorum and adherence to classical unities. The Neoclassical...
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