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Topics: Sexual intercourse, Sexual arousal, Human sexuality Pages: 12 (3912 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Mom & Sis Drunk and Horny from CFNM
This is a Summer Lovin' contest story. Please vote.


Horny son has summertime fun with his whore of a mother and his slutty sister.

My name is John but my mother, Jenny, calls me Jack, probably because that was the name of my biological father, her prom date when she was only 18-years-old. Conceived in the backseat of a 1990 Pontiac Trans Am 24-years-ago, she gave birth to me nine months later when she was barely 19-years-old. Now 42-years-old but looking ten years younger, my Mom is a real MILF with a stripper's body and a movie star's face. She told me that before her prom date could put a ring on her finger to make me legitimate instead of the bastard that I am today, he joined the Marines, went off to war, and never returned. Being that she can't even remember his last name, she doesn't know if he's alive or dead.

My kid sister Emma, half-sister actually, was born two years later when my mother got a job stripping off her clothes while dancing around a pole for tips to support me. One of her special lap dance, private customers got her pregnant. Even then, with her having more than a few special lap dance customers, she doesn't know which one of her private customers was my sister's Daddy. Being that she was so fertile, my mother should have kept a notebook of who she had sex with when. I'm just glad she had her tubes tied with the birth of my sister. One bitch of a sister is enough.

A good looking woman who lived alone with two small kids without a job, unable to work and on welfare, she always had some man sniffing around her and willing to support her in exchange for sex. I guess men would rather give money to her than to waste their money at a strip club for a special lap dance from a stripper who had God knows what diseases. At least they saw that my Mom was trying to do the right thing by raising and caring for her children. Still, when seeing my Mom out in the world without us tagging behind, probably because she was so young and looked more like a teenager than she did a twenty-something-year-old, ex-stripper of a woman , one would never think that she had two kids.

* * * * *

As far back as I could remember, I'd hear her moaning and, whichever new man she was with, I'd hear him groaning while they had rock star, mattress squeaking, and head banging against the headboard sex. Humping one another so hard and so fast, my venetian blinds kept time with their humping by bumping against my window. Sexually excited listening to my mother having sex and being that I always wished that I could have rock star sex with her too, I never viewed her as a normal son would view his mother. Much like every other man she's been with and she's been with many, I viewed her as a sexual object to be lusted over and desired. Especially at my testosterone filled age, always horny, believing that sex is all that I wanted, I never considered that what I really wanted was to have incestuous sex with my mother.

Not a typical childhood and grateful for that, at least she didn't abort us or put us up for adoption. A loving mother, always cooking and cleaning, she always tried to make the best home that she could for us. Now that I'm of age and earn decent money, I help support her and my sister. It's the least that I can do for all that she's done for me in raising me and in making me the man that I am today.

Maybe because we don't share the same father but instead of her calling me John or Jack, my sister calls me jerk because she's a bitch. Notwithstanding her calling me names, the fact that I hate her doesn't stop me from spying on her and peeping on her while trying to see her naked. Then, whenever I see something of her that a brother shouldn't see of his sister, I ogle her while masturbating over her. Like mother like daughter, my sister is a good looking broad. Much like my mother, like mother like daughter, she has a wicked hot body. Again, much...
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