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Essay 1
Speaking at the August 1992 Republican National Convention, Patrick Buchanan uses various forms of compelling language to motivate his “Buchanan Brigade” and the other convention attendees to support George Bush in the upcoming November Presidential election. “I do believe deep in my heart that the right place for us to be now, in this presidential campaign, is right beside George Bush. This Party is my home. This Party is our home and we've got to come home to it. And don't let anyone tell you any different,” (Buchanan 4). Patrick Buchanan undeniably pledges his wholehearted Republican Party support for Presidential candidate George Bush through his sarcastic, declarative tone critical of the opposing Clinton administration, by utilizing powerful repetition, and through asking persuasive rhetorical questions. According to the biography on the official Patrick Buchanan webpage, he is regarded as an exceptionally influential speaker. Buchanan’s skill comes from his combination of sensationalistic examples with detailed historical support to assert his message. As we discussed in section, it is also important to appreciate that convention agenda setters strategically save Buchanan as the highlighted, penultimate speaker on the first day of the long Republican National Convention (followed only by the President). Since people most often recall the last words they hear, Buchanan recognizes he must make his message potent and memorable. Buchanan had earned great credibility well before the convention. When he previously campaigned for President in the 1992 primary against George Bush, he received the support of three million Republicans. He was thus very well known and highly respected. Consequently, since the audience regarded Buchanan as a trusted authority, he used his favorable reputation to his advantage. Any effective analysis of his speech must consider the demographic make-up of the audience who Buchanan addresses. He speaks to devoted...
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