Theater Today

Topics: Play, Performing arts, Actor Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Theater Today

I have to say that overall I really enjoyed Performance Fusion. The physical theater was small, but much larger than the last show that we saw at Impact. After our first tour of the small theater, I didn’t know what to expect of a play there. My first impression of the small theater was that it was very bare, dark and small, so it was interesting to see the stage with sets and actors illuminated by the lights. Since the theater was small, the actors were easy to see. I also want to comment on the sound. I thought the acoustics in this theater were just mediocre. Although the theater is small and about the same size as the Ashby Stage, the actors were a bit more difficult to hear, although the microphones did help quite a bit. I thought most of the performances were great; however I enjoyed some of them better than others. My favorites were The Boogeyman, Rhythms in the Veins, and Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson. I really enjoyed the way Boogeyman began. First off, the play opened with the heavy sounds of hard rock/metal band Godsmack, and then followed by a scary story by from the older brother to his little brother Timmy. During his scary story, I really liked the effect that the flashlight gave along with the strobe flashes that simulated lightning. I also liked the sound effects that were used in the play. For example I thought the creaky door was a good effect. I thought the set was great. I not only liked the fact that you can see Timmy’s bedroom and the living room at the same time, I also liked that the set was very functional. For example I liked that the Boogeyman was able to disappear in and out of the closet and under the bed. This was a great effect. I also thought the costumes and props were good and appropriate. I think that the clothes of every actor fit the character very well. I thought the Boogeyman’s costume was great. He looked like a giant green booger; it was pretty funny when he came out for the first...
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