Theater of the Absurd

Topics: Theatre, Absurdist fiction, Absurd Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Theater of the Absurd are a particular plays written by a number of play writers between the 1940 through 1960s, and can be making them today. As the name implies Theater of the Absurd is all about absurdities and make fun of the original plays in those time. This title theater of the absurd also gets their ideas from outside or real world events and how the people behave. As a result of mimicking the outside forces Theater of the Absurd react as highly unusual, innovative plays. Sometime it goes to the extent that the audience fill themself outside their comfort zone. Another aspect of this type of play is there language how they interact with each other and sometime even the public. That is made clear in the play the sandbox, which characters talk to the public and the light crew. In the Theater of the Absurd has many characteristics but four of them are very important audience relationship, minimal staging, no logical sequence and luck of characters. An example of theater of the absurd that its going to be use is a play called The Sandbox which gives accurate examples and ideas representing this title. To see how the characteristics match up to the play and how it help understand Theater of the Absurd. The first of the characteristics of the play and the title above is audience relationship. Its define as when a character acting on the play talks to the audience which is un heard of in traditional plays. Also when characters tell the lighting crew to turn down, dim or light up the lights of the stage. For example when Mommy tells the crew about the lights. Nobody would expect that about her because she is a very imposing woman and likes to be in charge of everything that goes on and behind the stage. Also in this characteristic the audience in the on going play gives feed back to the characters that are in the play, sometimes like in the sandbox audience and characters interact simultaneously. Or when Mommy asks for advice to the audience and sometime the...
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