Topics: Actors' Equity Association, Theatre, Suspension of disbelief Pages: 13 (2471 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Theater is an event that requires actor/audience, relationship/agreement in a momentary suspension of disbelief of an imaginary circumstance. 3 E’s:
Entertainment, education, enlightenment
Expired theater tickets became worthless
If something unforeseen should happen, and you couldn’t make it to the theater, they use to deny your entry Then producers devised a “past dated” (expired) …you can call on that day and say you have “past dated tickets”..Limit to weekday evening The Actor

Fame comes and goes. It becomes significant
Success  longevity, lifetime, pay bills
2 attributes or skill an actor must possess
Dedication-love for art form
Charisma- energetic
Self promotion
Actors have unions
Raise a question as to why anyone would face all these challenges? February 8, 2010
AEA- actors equity association
Film: SAG..screen actors guilt
Television and radio: AFTRA
Non equity: where you are going to learn and grow

How do actors get hired?
Two tools necessary to market himself?
Resume: brief..what you have done and where..where did the training come from? Where there any degrees earned? Special skills Things you wouldn’t ask someone; height, weight, age
When there were black and white photos you needed to write hair color and you don’t need to What is a monologue? Long group of dialogue from one side
What is a soliloquy? Speaking their mind out loud..For benefit of the audience Soliloquy is a monologue.
What is a side? Piece of play to create a segment to create dialogue Off-book: memorize
Blocking: movement director gives actor..staging
February 15, 2010
Notes on paper

February 17, 2010
What is the most produced play?
Grease and bye bye birdy
Trying to make sequel of bye bye birdy called bring back birdy

3 parts of active instrument
-voice: volume: you have to speak as if you are speaking but you have to make sure people can hear you
Quality or range of the voice
-body: not physical or a trained body…Avoid emotionally naturally basic animal instinct
Freedom of gesture and movement and willingness to experience it -emotional life:
2 goals of first year work: 1) develop a sense of truthful doing Opposite is indication
2) to follow impulses on a moment to moment basis
- Opposite is anticipating
February 22, 2010
When you think of mimes you think of:
Invisible objects
Create a world that is pretend
Bill something: He’s a mime because he’s form Montana.
Montana is big and quiet and so are the people.
He was interested in not talking.
His family also talked about nothing.
He is a gay man and began mime when he was 14
He believed that the moon followed him wherever he went
Silver dollar saloon
He was a cowboy
Somebody got killed
Tried some whiskey and tobacco
Everyone is saloon celebrated other guy being killed
He was actually just a child playing a make believe game
It’s really us who makes the story up because we showed up as an audience Being a mime is being like a tour guide
Mimes have been around since there were people
We never had voice boxes at first
Sound became extension of language
Performers starter to mimic sculptures…be living statues- replicate fine art Caesar had mimes to travel with him
Anything that had to do with sex had to be done authentically Comedia del arte- type of theater group which were travelling performers. Travel from town to town
The Bakers Son: Pedro was kitchen servant- clumsy.
Why do you think people where white on their face?
Because it is emotionless
When you put on a mask you’re not you anymore
He doesn’t wear it because of the way people feel about mimes (scared of mimes) Mime- behaving truthfully
Putting hand to wall...
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