The U.S. Legal System in the Face of Morality

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The U.S. Legal System in the Face of Morality
Cory Chaney
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The U.S. Legal System
The United States legal system refers to the full unified system of judicial, authoritarian and governmental organizations that together administer and impose the laws and regulations of the United States, control the judicial system and manage or deal with judicial disputes and appeals. They legal system of the United States consists of numerous official bodies at the state, federal, as well as local levels (Burnham, 2012). Statistics reveal that defendants are hardly ever found 'Not Guilty' by judges or juries. This might be due to the rule of double jeopardy, which forbids a defendant from being taken to court again with regards to a similar charge (Burnham, 2012). Usually when a case is unlikely to end in a successful tribunal, in court, then the defendant is granted a plea bargain or the case might even be dismissed by a judge or the district attorney. For instance, out of the 167,209 grownups arrested for misdemeanor charges, in the New York State, in 2009, only 663 individuals were exonerated (roughly 0.4%). More than 100,000 individuals were charged, but a majority of them pleaded out to lower charges. Just about 35,923 individuals were charged of a felony despite their former arrest (Burnham, 2012). A majority of the rest were released after the completion of some form of rehab program. The United States legal system prides itself of been one of the fairest legal systems in the world. However, cases have arisen, which tend to question whether the above statement is true or false. Also, when someone considers the above statistics, they can start asking themselves questions of why some many people found in the wrong are eventually set free. It is true that the United States has the highest crime level than any other county in the globe (Burnham, 2012). The total number of United States citizens, who have passed through United States prisons, is higher than that...
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