The O'Reilly Factor: Structural-Functional Approach

Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: November 2, 2008
The O’Reilly Factor at times can become really heated in political discussions, especially while on controversial topics. Some of the clips discussed about a gay and lesbian acts, for instance a Heinz mayonnaise ad that portrays two men kissing and a homosexual couple voted “cutest couple” in a high school yearbook. In another video clip, O’Reilly interviews talks to an author of a children’s book on marijuana. The topic of abortion came up in a few different video clips; two interviewees were pro-life, whereas the other was pro-choice. There were quite a few video clips that focused on different components of pop culture such as music and pornography. Clips also had discussions based on religious views versus atheist views. The last videos were about military bias and protests against marines and requiting centers. Many clips I watched on the Internet included various discussion topics.

The O’Reilly Factor strongly represents the Structural-Functional approach. This approach displays society as an arrangement of interrelated parts that work together to benefit society. Sociologists who use this approach try to figure out how the different parts of society work together. Since the structural-functional approach emphasizes solidarity and stability, most supporters of this approach are generally conservative. Based on this, structural-functionalists are normally part of the republican political party and are against more diverse and liberal ideologies.

Throughout every video clip of the O’Reilly Factor, it is evident that the show holds a right-wing and structural functional view. In terms of sexuality, the structural functional approach uses norms to maintain social order. Even though abortion is legal in the United States, based on the survey done by the NORC, 56.5% of the population was against women being able to have an abortion for any reason. In the videos dealing with abortion, Bill O’Reilly attacks the pro-choice feminists “baby killers”,...
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