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History of Toys.
Toys are anything that can find and that can be used for play. The children of the world have been playing with toys that have existed in many forms with different materials since the very beginning of its history. Toys have been a part of most children, a part of society and culture all over the world for thousands of centuries. Everyone has a favorite toy from their childhood. Once can remember their grandmothers had gave me a doll was made from two balls, scrap yarn, buttons and stitch on a face, then tie long yarn pieces on for hair. One might think it would be fun and more interesting than those 20th century dolls. All children get toys from their local stores. It has a lot of brand names and comes up with a thousand of styles and materials of toys to satisfy their little customers.

Have anybody ever wondered what those first toys were? According to "Local of history" by Tim Lambert, "Before the 20th century children had few toys and those they did have were precious.", and "Children played with toys like spinning tops, dolls, and model horses with wheels, hoops and rocking horses." Toys change through the times. While ancient toys were made from nature materials like rocks, grass, leaves, wood, clay... and our parents, grandparents were often made toys by themselves; modern toys are often made from plastic, cloth, and synthetic materials, and soon the industrial revolution allowed toys to be mass produced, sold in stores or over the internet.

Example of toys changing over time in the beginning which was in 1000BC, traditional toys are simple and easy to make it like kite or yo-yo. "Though kites were probably in existence long before, their first recorded appearance was in China during this time period. Greek children begin to play with yo-yos made of stone. Soon after, the first playing cards were dealt in Asia."(Ezine Article, 2006)

Another example of toys changing was the development of technology and industrial, toys also...

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