The Zodiac Killer Mystery

Topics: Murder, Serial killer, Robert Graysmith Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Running Head: ZODIAC

The Zodiac Killer Mystery
Criminal Justice 409
Professor Carr
April 22, 2012
The zodiac killer may be dead, in prison or out there living his life as a free man. All the killings that were supposedly committed by the zodiac killer may not have been by the same person, and this suggests that there were more than one killer. The publicity that the Zodiac killer developed in the period 1968-69 could have encouraged a rise of other killers who would impersonate the original killer. However, there were letters after most murders, and these letters were written in the same hand. However, this does not nullify the possibilities of a second killer. Another possibility is that the letters were not connected to the murderer. This means that the murderer could have enjoyed killing, but was not interested in exposing his penchant, and neither was the person looking for publicity. Conclusively, it could be that the individual who wrote the letters took advantage of the killings so that he made investigations complex and scary. With the technology that is currently existent today, it would have been possible to catch the serial killer. Unfortunately, this was 1968 when the only forensic evidence was fingerprints, and according to one of the letters, the killer was meticulous about not leaving his fingerprints at the site of murder, including wearing transparent fingertip guards made of airplane cement (Haugen, 2010). There were no system to match fingerprints to those stored in files, and this means it was possible to miss out on the killer from the prints left in a cab after the zodiac killer murdered the driver. Arthur Leigh Allen is among the more than 2500 suspects who have been questioned in connection with Zodiac (Feature, 2008). There are so many leads that link him to Zodiac and the murders, but all the DNA and fingerprints recovered from the letters, the telephone booth and on the cab do not match those of Zodiac, the person who...
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