The YouTube Phenomenon: "Exploding TV” and “Monkeyvision”

Topics: Internet, YouTube, Google Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Bob Garfield, You Tube vs. Boob Tube
According to Garfield, most people create or share video content online because everyone wants to be a movie star and posting home made videos of them self gives them a chance at that. And to give other people a chance to view it. I do agree with it because I think it gives people a chance to feel accepted. Hollywood’s role in video entertainment has changed in that the internet video sites such as you tube are taking over the way people view television. Advertisers are putting their ads on websites to promote their product more often now. “Exploding TV” and “Monkeyvision” are fitting titles for the you tube phenomenon Garfield describes because you tube offers a way to view television without commercials. More people would rather watch TV online rather than commercials interrupting their programs every 10 minutes. Some changes in broadcast television spawned by the rise of internet video entertainment are job cuts and wage drops because without as many advertisers they lose money and have to make changes to remain profitable. More and more advertisers are dropping their spots on TV to go to videos on the web. The practical problems you tube has to solve to attract more advertisers is that when a advertiser wants to promote a product such as cat food, they need to make the advertisement shown with videos that promote it instead of videos that are cruel to cats that make the product look bad. Copyright holders haven’t litigated more frequently against you tube because they run the risk of losing the extra publicity. Advertisers’ risk aversion likely to affect their spending decisions because a advertiser don’t want to post their ads if it’s not going to be posted in a useable way to their product which in turn makes them not spend the money to post their ads. Garfield’s description of you tube success relates to the success of internet community building described by Barry Wellman because you tube brings people together and...
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