The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”
Revision (beginning at start of last section):
Well! The end of our wretched time in the countryside is upon us. We have been here for twelve weeks, and I shan’t show Jennie nor John any signs of absurdity. Jennie pretends to be more doting and caring than previously, but she is reproachful and false. I privately vow to give her no reason to report to John in any manner other than my improvement. I need to reassure her to leave me the evening, so I can get behind the wall-paper. John will be in town this evening, and I want to have the room alone to finish my work. I wonder if I should begin at dark. I want to tie that woman with rope if she gets out! I try to wait, but my desperation is too much. I peel and tear at the paper, while trying to be at quiet as possible. But, the pattern is mocking me! The faster I work, the more eyes and heads disdain me. Furiously, I tear at the ludicrous figures. I can almost reach the creeping figure closest to me-but what is that? Jennie is straight above me, looking at me as if I am hysterical! I know well enough I locked the door, but she has the key in her hand. Quietly, she retreats. Perhaps, she wants to be as clever as I. But, I have only seconds to grab the figure and astonish everyone. I cannot lose the woman; she will be trapped in the torture forever. I secure a rope to myself and the bed, so that no one can peel me from the wall. Why there’s John stopped at my feet!

“Darling! What is the matter?” he cried.
“I’ve almost got the woman out!” said I.
“This cannot go on another minute. For our child’s sake, and mine- you must be removed. You will live with Cousin Henry and Julia. I cannot improve your condition, if you insist on being hysterical and delusional!” he said in a firm, yet tired voice. A hot sting burns my neck, and blurriness takes over. I awake the next day, in the glorious guest room of Henry and Julia’s estate. The beautiful light beckons me to...
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