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11 September 2014
AP American History
During the 1630's, there was a religious civil war. This war was between the Puritans, also known as the Protestants, and the Cavaliers, also known as the Catholics. This relgious war lasted from the year 1642 until the year of 1651. During this time, King Charles I was the monarch of England. His father, James I was ruler prior. James did not change anything about England after Queen Elizabeth's death. He did not change the government, nor the religion. Unlike his father, Charles believed that Catholicism must be enforced in England. Because of Charles and his changing of religion, the civil war in England took place. There were, however, some advantages to this religious war. A group known as the Pilgrims wanted to leave England for religious tolerance. To escape the religious bombardment between the Protestants and the Catholics, Charles I gave a large tract of land north of Virginia to a man known as Cecil Calvert. Cecil was the wealthiest Catholic in England. The Calvert family created the colony in the year of 1634 as a safe haven for the Catholic faith. In honor of the Queen of Scotts, Cecil decided to name the colony after her. This colony is known as Maryland. To ensure the happiness of the settlers, and also to attract more members of the faith, Calvert created a pledge of "religious tolerance". The Religious Tolerance Act was a pledge that no one could promote their faith over another. It was religious tranquility. Members of all faith could live in Maryland. Because of Calvert's tolerance, the population of Maryland grew rapidly. -- 263 words

I used no sources except the notes taken in class.

Bibliography: I used no sources except the notes taken in class.
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