The year of living dangerously

Topics: Henri Bouchard, Jakarta, English-language films Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 4, 2014
Ch.19 Quotes
‘The Year of Self Reliance - Reach to the Star’
(P.209) Why only one star? I wondered, and compared transcripts with Henri Bouchard, who was sweating beside me in the crowd under the morning sun. Yes, it was only one star.

(P.210) Confrontation of the outside world had come to a stalemate: now there was only one struggle left to kindle his aged blood, to answer his boy’s need for tumultuous events: Confrontation within the nation. (P.210) A time had come, he said to ‘swing the steering wheel over’: a time of banting-stir which means ‘absolute change’.

Cookie’s view on Hamilton
(P.211) I had to suppress an unworthy smile; there’s something irresistibly comic about a large, confident man made anxious by love.

Hamilton’s anxiousness
(P.211) His usual calm was broken by tendency to shift and fidget.

Billy’s illness
(P.212) I even wondered whether we might find Kwan dead inside the bungalow. He was a great oil-taker, and who knew what region of depression he might have entered when Wally’s fall was known to him?

(P.213) Billy’s large ivory face became unnatural in the terminal illness of the light.

(P.214) ‘The poor bugger’s sick…’

Hamilton’s view on Billy
(P.216) He seemed to have become slightly deranged about Billy’s ‘treachery’ in betraying him to Jill.

The interview has shown to Hamilton’s the importance of Kwan and his credibility. The interview was set up by Billy Kwan. At first Hamilton had doubts about the personal friendship between Kwan and Aidit. However, his doubt was clarified when he saw Aidit’s reaction towards Kwan. “Hamilton had detected little evidence of friendship…the PKI leader had clapped Billy on the back, calling him - my Chinese-Australian friend” (P.37) Hamilton has at last established his reputation in Jakarta. After his late start, with this exclusive interview with Aidit he earns a better image. People in the government or locals know that Hamilton can do something big. “Because of the...
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