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Topics: Ya̧nomamö, Shabono, Indigenous peoples of South America Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: February 17, 2014
A Man Called “Bee”: Studying the Yanomamo
In February of 1971, ethnographer Napoleon Chagnon went and visited a small village in South America to study the people of Yanomamo, a village that no one has ever visited from the outside world. The Yanomamo tribes are South American Indian who spoke different yet similar languages from village to village. They mostly reside in Northern Brazil and southern Venezuela. They live in scattered villages in the forest; they usually grouped by families and often change their location of living to look for a new area where they can lay out gardens on new and fertile ground. In his studied, Chagnon wanted to learn what it was like to live like the Yanomami in such a unique environment and culture. He spent thirty-six months with the Yanomamo people and has gradually learned their language and their culture and way of life through ethnographic method of study. During this fieldwork of studied, Chagnon observed and gathered information through video cameras, audio recording, and photographs to capture every moment and even did interviewed the leader of the village to better understand the Yanomami rich culture. Throughout this method of study, we learned how did the Yanomami people were living their daily life and where they were living. The Yanomamo practice slash-and-burn agriculture and live in vine-and-leaf-thatched houses an oval shape, with open grounds. They always relocate whenever their village becomes too susceptible to attack by other Yanomami. They get their food from the forest by hunting, fishing, and collecting fruits mostly bananas. One of their traditional ways of living is practicing aggressive behavior mostly among boys/men for protection of their village and mating. The Yanomami are usually at war with each another and much of Yanomami social life are forming alliances through trading and sharing food with other friendly neighboring while waging war against hostile their small villages. The Yanomami did...
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