The Wretched of the Earth

Topics: Algeria, Colonialism, Colony Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Wretched of the Earth

Colonialism is an integral part of the history of the planet. It is the reason why so many nations have stark cultural similarities with others. Colonialism is responsible for many people being able to understand each other through speaking the same language. Colonialism was the start of the recent phenomenon called globalization. This earth has seen colonialism for many centuries as far back as ancient Greek and Egyptian civilization. Colonialism, as we know it today however is the domination, acquisition, exploitation, or expansion, of one territory by another territory. This usually means the colonist and the colony are in two separate regions or even two separate continents. It typically includes the subjugation of the people of the land being colonized. This colonizing behavior dates back to the early 1400’s with its roots in Europe which began with the Portuguese and the Spanish.

Although colonization was the early globalization, it did not have such a positive impact on everyone as globalization has today. Colonization only benefitted the colonists which are the nations seeking and dominating other lands. Successful colonization meant colonist control of the government, the economy, the labor force, and essentially the lives of the colonized. Unfortunately, not everyone benefitted from this colonization. Those colonized were forced often enslaved and exploited for their nation’s resources. If their military forces were not as powerful as the colonists, they had no chance of keeping their rights as free people.

Frantz fanon was born in 1925 in French- ruled Martinique, a small Caribbean island. He was raised in a family that was the equivalence of the bourgeoisie social class. The people in this social class were advocates for White- French assimilation. After being taught the philosophy of negritude, he did not wish to remain a part of this social class. He left Martinique in 1943 to help the Free French fight World...
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