The World I Would Like To Live In

Topics: Earth, Africa, Life Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: January 2, 2015
The world I would like to live in
In the modern era today, everything has undergone tremendous change and improvement. Human beings live fast-paced lives and have become undeniably materialistic. Great scientific discoveries such as human cloning and test-tube babies prove the advanced human intelligence of today. High rises are numerous and systems are computerized for the convenience of all. All these are the results of the usage of advanced technology. But is the Mother Earth of today, where I really want to live? Of course not! Many a time I would build castles in the air, dreaming of the world I would live in. It would be like the garden of Eden. Endless blue skies and white clouds that go floating by without a care in the world. Many trees will grow and fertile lands and rain would be sufficient for all living beings. One could smell the sweet scent of flowers from a distance. The air is fresh and pollution will be non-existent. What a magnificent sight it would be! Various types of animals would live in their protected homes in the woods. Birds chirpingmerrily on treetops, butterflies dancing in delight, pollinating flowers and even the buzzing ofbees would be part of everyday life. There would be no 'endangered species' listed in our booksand every animal will live peaceful cycles of life according to the ecological balance. It is a totalcontrast to the world which we live in today. Besides that, my dream world would be free from pain and suffering. Human beings of allraces in the world would live in peace and harmony. Of course, life would not be a bed of roses foreveryone. People would work hard to earn a living and practise many good qualities such as generosity, honesty, helping each other and many more. There would be no wars and every child in the world would be well-fed and clothed. Parents would sing lullabys to their offsprings, protect them from harm and cherish them with unconditional love. Cases of unwanted children and murdered babies would...
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