The World Without Us

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Global warming Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The World Without Us
By: Alan Weisman

The World Without Us written by Alan Weisman is an intriguing book about what the world would be like if humans influence never took place and better yet, now that humans have invaded the space of natural wilderness, how would the environment adapt if humans disappeared? What would it be like if none of the creatures in our environment had to deal with the constant demands of humans? How would the forms of life take over all the buildings and materials humans left behind? In the opening chapter, Weisman talks about the greatness and exotic life of the Bialowieza Puszca. This forest spanned parts of Europe and Weisman talks of its biodiversity due to the lack of human influence. The way that he describes this area of wildlife and wilderness, really helps the reader visualize what the world really might be like if humans didn’t destroy the habitats of many species and use their homes as land for industry. Weisman goes on talking about what our homes would look like after humans disappeared and even how major cities, such as New York City and Manhattan, would be affected. The houses and buildings would eventually break down and form habitats for animals, such as rodents, and even insects. New York City’s subway tunnels would flood which would lead to other disastrous events to deteriorate the infrastructure. Weisman suggests plant life to begin to grow in new places that would usually be prevented by human upkeep. He goes on to explain in detail of the many ways the environment would start to “grow back” to its original state; the natural wilderness before humans took over the land and destroyed it. The author, Alan Weisman, then continues on and discusses his other proposals of how humans are affecting the environment. He talks about the increase of carbon dioxide emissions in every day human life and its affect on global warming. He mentions how the discovery of paleontology proves that extinction of species could be...
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