The World Wide Web

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: November 29, 2010
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English 1- Argument Essay
28 November 2010
The World Wide Web
"The growth of the Web has been explosive, to say the very least." (How The World Wide Web Has Changed Society). It is not just teens anymore adults are doing the same things. Keeping in touch with old high school friends and purchasing things on the internet. The world does not need land-line phones, just cell phones and computers. Pen and paper, bills, mail and postage stamps are no longer absolutely necessary. An individual can attend college online or have a video conference using Skype all while never leaving the living room. The Web has united people all over the world. Consumers that us the World Wide Web have the access to several search engines. There are search engines for finding criminals in your area. You can find the addresses of where registered offenders live and where they work. There are cameras on intersection stoplights that take pictures of red light runners. It also takes a picture of the license plate number of the car, and the color or type of car it was that ran the light. You can watch some of these cameras online. "Americans are spending more time shopping, banking, investing and learning on the internet than in the real world. One can actually search/shop for a new home anywhere in the world using the internet. If a person needs find something on the web and they don’t find it, they are probably not searching correctly. A car be selected and purchased all online and then delivered to a dealer nearest to your location. The individual can then download insurance quotes from numerous agents. A home bound individual can shop for groceries or order medication and then have it delivered to their homes Nowadays, a we can listen to music, watch movies, televisions shows, read books the latest novel, magazines, and newspapers all on the internet . Individuals can even give to charities online. Any type or venue ticket can...
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