The World Needs Better Technology

Topics: Reggae, Rastafari movement, Jamaica Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: June 24, 2013
English 101
The World Needs Better Technology
A malfunctioning coffee maker, a burning Jamaican flag, a cell phone, Youtube, disgruntled United Nation’s members, an angry mob, the riot police and the army. It is difficult to imagine these things having any connection at all. However, the commercial being analyzed ties all of these elements together to sell a concept. This paper will justify that the purpose of the advertisement, is to demonstrate the vital importance of technology to the world and this essay will also prove that the target audience are German small business owners who are reliant on technology. An analysis will be made of the differences in interpretation of this advertisement between Germans and Jamaicans. This advertisement shows a malfunctioning coffee maker that caused a coffee shop attendant to accidentally ignite a Jamaica flag. In a frantic attempt to extinguish the fire, he ran with the burning flag outside the small shop and trampled it, hoping to douse the flames. Bystanders saw his hysterical effort to put the fire out and some of them assisted in smothering the blaze, while others viewed and interpreted the impromptu firefighter’s action in a negative light. The amplification of this incident was facilitated through technology, as word spread quickly to people through various media. Soon thousands stated their disapproval and contempt of the Jamaican flag being set ablaze. These events, ultimately, lead to a riot in the streets outside the coffee shop as a massive angry crowd assembled, boasting a militant, yet patriotic mood. The advertisement ends with the German words “die welt braucht bessere technik” which translates the world needs better technology. It is key to note that this advertisement not only showed the faulty coffee maker at the beginning, but it reveals to viewers the proficiency of modern technology. The moment the coffee shop attendant emerged from the small shop with the burning flag, a wall...

Cited: Funny Saturn Jamaica Commercial (But Disrespectful burning our Jamaican
Flag).Youtube.Youtube,2013. Web. 07 March 2013.
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