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The World Language-- English

By liushan2008 Feb 04, 2014 856 Words
The World Language—English
Can you speak English? English is spoken as a first language by the majority populations of several countries: including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and some Caribbean countries. Nowadays, many people in the world can communicate with others from different countries in English. For example, when a Chinese meets a German, they can talk very well as long as both of them can speak English. Also, there are more and more young generations start to learn English, especially in Asian countries. And a plenty of people who are from non-English speaking countries can speak English accurately and fluently. It is believed that English is becoming the global language in the future. First of all, English is spreading quickly all over the world. There are some people who think using more English rather than using their own language is a disrespectful act to their countries. They argue that some people use English words and ignore the fact that actually there are plenty of good and exact words in their own languages. However, what they think is not forward-looking. Firstly, people learn to speak their own languages when they were very young. Since they can use their first language very well, it is always a good choose to study another language which most of people speak all over the world. For instance, almost all elementary schools and junior high schools in China require their students to learn English. Also, students in colleges have to pass College English Test to get graduated. It also gives some students support if they want to study abroad in the future. Finally, people who doubt the status of English also neglect that nowadays most of people who are learning English are youth. Using some English words in their daily life is becoming a new fashion. People tend to use some simple English words such as “happy”, “sad”, and “excited” to express their emotions either on the Internet or in their daily life. The aim that people learn to speak English is to enhance their own capabilities. It is believe that English makes their life become interesting and diverse. Secondly, English helps promote a country’s internationalization. A few people complain that there are too many English expressions in public places such as bars, stores and markets. However, it is now becoming inevitable because there are always millions of foreign tourists come to visit a famous city of other culture every year. An article wrote by Jan Moys who is a writer of Travel secret website shows there were 230 million tourists visit Beijing in 2012. Visitors attracted to the wide range of shopping facilities and streets full of local culinary delights. If foreign visitors cannot speak the local language, it would be a better way to show them some necessary information in English. Also, having English expressions in public provides people who are studying English a chance to practice and improve their English reading skills. They can learn English expressions, even some English words while they are hanging out with friends outside. These people may find much fun in their life because they can learn English everywhere at anytime. Eventually, having English expressions in public places also improve the country’s internationalization. A country is not a single part of the world. People can communicate and even make friends with people who come from different countries by speaking English. There is no doubt that English is becoming the world language. Finally, English has been invading our daily life at the moment. Some people still think in order to protect their own culture and languages, there should be some laws to prohibit people from using English in their own countries, which is a blind and invalid thought. The first reason is there are a lot of people enjoy watching Hollywood films. When people walk into a cinema, they usually tend to watch a Hollywood film rather than other films because Hollywood films give them great auditory and visual impacts. They have to listen to English while they choose to watch a Hollywood film. Also, as technology is developing quickly in this era, people are becoming more and more symbiotic with computers. People all over the world have to adapt to its American operating systems which are also strengthening the importance of English. What is more, people use English to enhance the overseas business cooperation. English has the important function for the development of a nation's economic. Therefore, people not only should not be banned to speak English, but also are encouraged to learn English. English will dominate the world. Our society is developing while our languages are being improved as well. People use English in their daily life and English helps them to spread their cultures and also give them a chance to learn other cultures. Nowadays, English is spreading quickly and bringing a great impact and invading our daily life. In the competition of truly global and interactive language, English will be the biggest winner.

Moys, J. (2013, January 21), 230 million tourists visit Beijing in 2012. Travel Secrets. Retrieved from

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