The World Is so Orderly That God Must Have Created It

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‘The world is so orderly that God must have created it.’ Discuss.

The world can be a magnificent place and many would say that it is the most intricate and complex creation to ever exist. There are many examples of ‘order’ and design in the world. Some people believe that these designs are so complex; that they must have been designed for the world to be this way, and that this designer is God. Others oppose this view and believe that the world was not created by God but due to other reasons.

Many Christians believe that God created the world in six days because it is stated in the bible. They feel that the world is so ambiguous and intricate that someone must have created it. As they believe that God is the ultimate power of being and that everything we see and experience is created and planned by Him, they reach on conclusion that the designer of the world must be God as He is omnipotent.

Sir Isaac Newton was a founder of modern science and he also strongly believed that God created the world. He solidified his argument by basing this belief on the human opposable thumb. He perceived the human thumb as an intricate design that allowed us to perform many tasks that other creatures were unable to do. It is also unique as every thumbprint is different for every individual. Based on these findings, Newton felt that for something to be so precise and inimitable, there must have been a designer who had planned this. He concluded that this designer was God.

Another argument that supports this view is the ‘Paley and the watch’ theory. A philosopher called Paley used a watch as an analogy to describe the world. During the 18th century, the watch was known as the most intricate piece of machinery that existed and that a designer created it. If a small part of the watch did not work, the entire structure would not have worked properly. Paley felt that the world was just like a watch and that if something was altered in the world and did not work properly, the...
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