the world is flat ch 3

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In chapter 3 Friedman explores what he calls “the triple convergence,” or the way the ten flatteners converged to create an even flatter global playing field. The first convergence encompasses how the ten flatteners came together in such a way that people could see that things were different after 2000. The convergence of these flatteners created a global, Web-enabled platform that allows for multiple forms of collaboration. Businesses start to develop the means to work together in a complementary, mutually enhancing fashion. Allows: the sharing of knowledge and work, in real time, without regard to geography. “It is the complimentary convergence of the 10 flatteners, creating this new global playing filed for multiple forms of collaboration.” P. 177 The second convergence is the appearance of a set of business practices and skills--managers, innovators, business consultants, business schools, designers, IT specialists, CEOs, and workers--that make the most of the ten flatteners, thus enhancing the flatteners’ potential. It takes time for all the technologies, business process, and habits needed to get the most out of them, to converge, and create a new breakthrough. How you collaborate horizontally and manage horizontally requires a totally different set of skills. It will take time for this new playing field and the new business practices to be fully aligned. The third convergence is the entrance of some three billion people onto the playing field. During the 1990s the economies and political systems of China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Central Asia opened up in such a way that the citizens of these nations were able to join the free-market game. Thus there has been an explosion in the number of workers in the global economic labor force. China, India, Russia are the most important force shaping global economics and politics in the early twenty-first century is giving so many people access to all these tools of collaboration....
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