The World is Flat

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Thomas Friedman
"The World is Flat"

Study Guide and Note Sheet

Chapter One: "While You Were Sleeping"

    How did Friedman accidentally discover that the world is "flat"? When he was in India doing an interview

    What are some anecdotes that illustrate Friedman's initial discoveries of the flat world? The software that he was using to understand the world’s economics was being produced in India, China, and Japan, these “third world countries” that we look down upon. Millions of Chinese speaking Japanese are running the backrooms of multimillion dollar corporations. McDonalds which does a global

    Friedman indicated that his metathesis included three great eras of globalization. When were these?

        1. 1.0= 1492-early 1800 when the world shrank down from big to medium, when other countries began to globalize, when global through your own country, colonizations of other contries

        2. 2.0 early 1800-2000 corporations globalizing, going global through companies, world going from medium to small

        3. 3.0= world going from small to tiny, where the area of the global economic playing field is flattening. This is unique because it is built around individuals and small groups globalizing. It will not be grouped around white western individuals, but everyone.

Chapter Two: "Ten Days the Flattened the World"

    1. 11/9/89- Berlin wall comes down. Fall of the wall huge flattener because we are able to see the wall flat as well. This introduced the idea of globalization. “walls came down, windows came up”, Microsoft launches windows computer system.

    2. 8/9/95- Netscape going public, first browser that brought internet into the home.

        What were three things that the event of 8/9/95 triggered?

            a. transmission protocols and made sure that netscape would not have a monopoly over the internet

            b. made the internet available to everyone in homes, made internet come alive.

            c. triggered .com bubble, trillion dollar investments in fiber optic cables, made huge countries economic neighbors. Laid in ground to allow more people in more places to communicate

    3. 1990s- “work flow” applications connecting to other applications, net result was that people are able to work together with other people on more stuff than ever before. “Genesis is moment of the flat world”

    4. Outsourcing (Y2K)- new form of collaboration that springs off the “platform” of the first

    5. Offshoring (when China joined the WTO)- companies move overseas

    6. Open-sourcing- working from home “free” to innovate the globalization of the world. Allows for the peer-review processing.

    7. Supply-chaining- example is wal-mart, making it as efficient as possible, not producing, just supplying

    8. In-sourcing- UPS, internal logistics, Ups being insourced by other companies... such as nike and toshiba.

    9. In-forming- Google and other various search engines that inform us as individuals.

    10. "The Steroids"- wireless, voice over the internet, and file sharing (the turbo charging that helps to




Chapter Three: "The Triple Convergence"

    Sometime around the year 2000 three convergences reshaped the brief history of the 21st century:

        1. complimentaries all start to work together to create the flat world, where all different platforms created a mobilized way to share ideas and work, disregarding distance, time, language, and, geography,

        2.  learning how to horizonalize ourselves, how we are able make the changes of collaborating more and learning how to shape our lives around this. Habits and structures changing and getting the...
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