The World Is Flat

Topics: Globalization, The World Is Flat, Information technology Pages: 6 (1783 words) Published: August 9, 2009
Nadia Moodley
International Business Assignment
Topic 1
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{text:bookmark-start} _1.1 _Background {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-start} _1.2 _Aim {text:bookmark-end}
It will be argued that the world is getting flatter and this is not necessarily a good thing for many reasons. Information technology (ICT) has resulted in economic and social integration but precaution must be taken to prevent future problems that has already arose from it not being used correctly. The history of the ‘’flattening’’ of the world, the impact that it has made in the years, the challenges the world will face and main disadvantages of it will prove that it will not be good if some changes are not made. {text:bookmark-start} _1.3 _Scope {text:bookmark-end}

Argument agreeing with statement ‘’the world is getting flatter and this not necessarily a good thing’’. Reasons for world getting ‘’flatter’’.
Impact of ICT on the world.
Factors of globalization and other areas.
Possible solutions based on Thomas Friedman’s book. {text:bookmark-start} 2. THE WORLD IS GETTING FLATTER, AND THAT IS NOT NECESSARILY A GOOD THING {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-start} 2.1 Information Communication Technology {text:bookmark-end} The advent of ICT (such as E-commerce) has made the world get closer, globalization has occurred as a result of this. The world getting ‘flatter’ is basically a symbolic meaning that through ICT people of the world can communicate with each other very easily. This has created a global economic playing field. It has altered the dynamics of how business and life gets done these days. (_International Business_, pg 701) {text:bookmark-start} 2.2 Advantages of Information Communication Technology {text:bookmark-end} It is the driving engine of ‘’world flattening. ‘’ICT’’ and globalization as a whole has improved the world in many ways such as: the spread of knowledge

technological advances
culture integration and bridging gaps
political systems knowledge
cost effectiveness
sharing of economic practices
social integration
job creation _(Small Business Bible, 2008)_
{text:bookmark-start} 2.3_ The Ten Influences of Globalization_ {text:bookmark-end} According to Thomas Friedman’s book he described ten important forces that impacted on the beginning ICT and a few which has positive and negative effects for the world getting flatter hat will be discussed. They are: Fall of Berlin Wall- (11/89) at the end of the Cold War other people joined the economic mainstream. Netscape- (8/9/95) the web and internet a new form of communication. Work Flow Software- machine-to-machine communication (automation). Uploading- organised online projects with others.

Outsourcing- splitting service/manufacturing activities to other countries. Offshoring- manufacturing part of outsourcing only.
Supply-chaining-high increase of retail all over the world. Insourcing- companies do services for another company. In-forming- search engines such as Google.
{text:bookmark-start} 2.4_ Triple Convergence_ {text:bookmark-end} The ten ‘’flatteners’’ had a way of converging an even flatter global playing field. Each of the factors came together which was very important in explaining how globalization really happened and why it is a good thing and a bad thing. Forces of globalization had to spread and create an environment for intense ‘flattening’’. It was mainly by a triple convergence of factors which was: Creation of software and the web, which enabled a platform for multiple forms of collaboration. Political factors that caused the opening of boarders of the following countries: China, Russia, Latin America and India- free market. Appearance of a set of skills and business practices. Schools, consultants, innovators, workers,...
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