The World Health Organization
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The World Health Organization (WHO) is a global organization operating in the health conditions of people all over the world. WHO works with countries around the world to help fix health policies to improve the health and quality of life. In this Constitution, health is defined as a state of complete physical comfort, emotional and social, not just illness or physical disability. More specifically, WHO is a huge organization with a beautiful background history, some of their current work is to help disabled people have a better chance to integrate with their community, and there are many controversy that they have faced. The World Health Organization was established and started operations in April 7, 1948. On July 10, 1948, it became the specialized agency of the United Nations with 53 founding members and since then April 7th annual is also considered as world Health Day since WHO was established and started operations from April 7th. The WHO Headquarters is located at Geneva, Switzerland. WHO now has 193 member countries. The General Assembly is the supreme decision making WHO annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in May with the participation of all member states. The main task of the General Assembly is deciding WHO's policy decisions. In addition, the General Assembly of the WHO is tasked to nominate a Director-General, through fiscal policy and program of the WHO budget. The WHO Executive Board consists of 34 members, with 3-year term. Duties of the Executive Board are to implement the decisions and policies of the General Assembly, comment and promote the activities of the General Assembly. The head of the WHO is Director-General, and elected by the General Assembly. The current Director General of WHO is Margaret Chan, who is Chinese, that the General Assembly elected 11/2006. WHO has six regional offices around the world focused on the specific health problems of the region. Additionally, there are representative offices in the member states. WHO is

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