The World has changed for the worse

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The world has changed for the worse. Humans are destroying our society. Our economy is getting worse. Our crime rates are going up daily. Racism is tearing apart our society. Society is undergoing many changes and is changing for the worse.

There are many contributing factors that is making the USA economy go downhill . People earning minimum wage are not making enough money to pay their bills . November 2013 through January 2014 the Wal-mart company was losing profit because sales were low. (Kurtz) The sales were low because of the food stamp cuts by the governments, and because winter storms caused Wal-mart to close a few times (Kurtz). Wal-mart plans to lay off around 2,300 employees from Sams club around the U.S. (Kurtz) .”Based on the White House’s own figures, the national debt will reach $20.0 trillion by the end of this decade—about 140% of our current GDP.” (US Economic Outlook) To pay the national debt the people pay more in taxes.

Crime rates are still a problem in our society . Today 1 out of every 100 adults is in prison or jail (Minnesota Daily)The daily news always shows another dead body found or someone murdered. Data from 2008 said there are 2,319,258 people were in jail in the United States (Minnesota Daily). Yesterday my mom went for a walk in the park. She parked her car and when she came back from the walk one of her car doors was wide open. People can 't even go to the park today without there car getting broke into! So my mother is keeping her doors in her car locked every time she gets out now. The US homicide rate is still one of the highest in the industrialized world (Wikipedia).

U.S. has not only a messed up economy and high crime rates but racism is also a problem. Department store employees follow African Americans around in a store because they think they may shoplift. (Beckel). . The media are attracted to anything that smacks of racism(Thomas). Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling tells a friend he would

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