The World Has Become Global Village Because of It Revolution

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➢ Abbreviations 1
➢ Introduction 2
. The Global Village 2
. The IT Revolution 3
. The World has become a Global
Village Because of IT revolution 3 ➢ The impacts of IT on globalization6
. The Globalization of News6
. The Globalization of Internet7
. The Globalization of Electronic commerce 7 . The Globalization of Marketing8
. E-Learning9
. Online Health care9
. E- Communication10
➢ Conclusion12
➢ Suggestions and Recommendations12
➢ Bibliography14

➢ Remarks15
Acronym Page
BASICBeginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
CD-RomCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
CMCComputer Mediated Communications
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
E-MailElectronic Mail
E-ComElectronic Commerce
IMFInternational Monitory Fund
I.TInformation Technology
LCD'sLess Developed Countries
WWWWorld Wide Web

The world has become global village because of IT revolution Introduction
The advancement in technology has certainly had a major effect on the lives of many. This world is becoming a global village and distances no longer a problem. Communications and mass information is just a few clicks away; thanks to the computer related technology, more specifically the utility of internet, which is a part of the information technology. The Global Village

Today, the term "Global Village" is mostly used as a metaphor to describe the Internet and World Wide Web. On the Internet, physical distance is even less of a hindrance to the real-time communicative activities of people, and therefore social spheres are greatly expanded by the openness of the web and the ease at which people can search for online communities and interact with others that share the same interests and concerns. Therefore, this technology fosters the idea of a conglomerate yet unified global community. Due to the enhanced speed of communication online and the ability of people to read about, spread, and [pic]react to global news very rapidly, McLuhan says this forces us to become more involved with one another from countries around the world and be more aware of our global responsibilities. Similarly, web-connected computers enable people to link their web sites together. This new reality has implications for forming new sociological structures within the context of culture.

The IT Revolution
The IT revolution is rapid rate of economic and technological change, particularly with regard to the Information Technologies/The Information technology (IT) Revolution is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving and sending information. Man’s restless inventive genius has been constantly exploring the universe, harnessing its infinite forces to make human life better and still better and inventing unimaginable marvels. Information Technology is his latest gift to mankind. It has brought about a veritable revolution in every walk of human life.

The World has become a Global Village Because of IT revolution

The current developments in information technology and communication are really astounding. Over the last many years; there has been an explosion in the methods of communication. , we have come to the age of, radios, TVs, fax machines, computers, the Internet, cell phones and cyberspace. In almost all parts of the world these fast track developments have had their [pic] Impact so we can say that the world has become Global village by virtue of IT revolution. Let’s discuss it in brief. If we were to make a history book of the years from past decades we would put IT Revolution on the cover. IT, you...

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