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The Works Movement

By Janet21 Mar 04, 2013 614 Words
The Works Movement
Janet Collman
CRJ201 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Dr. Diane Williams
January 28th 2013

In opening of this paper I would like to explain in full detail each of the four general principles Otherwise known as the “works movement’’. The four general principles that we are going to Address in this paper are in order The Risk Principle, The Criminogenic Principle, The Treatment Principle, and finally The Fidelity Principle. Each principle works hand in hand with the other, to form the Works Movement.

With the Risk Principle it is meaning intervention programs that target high risk offenders. (Wright,2012) According to an article found in our Proquest and the Risk Principle a study was Conducted using data from two independent studies of 97 correctional programs investigates How to adhere to the risk principle by targeting the offenders who are higher risk and varying Length of stay, by level of risk affects program effectiveness in reducing recidivism. The over All research indicated that for residential and nonresidential programs. The Risk Principle is also known as the R-N-R or Risk Need Recidivism.

After the Risk Principle would be Criminogenic Principle It focuses on the change factors Related to the offenders anti social conduct. (Wright,2012) The Criminogenic principle is used For planned interventions in order to reduce the risk of future offending behavior. During a study For improvements in Criminogenic need it explored the potential for thorough par ticipation in a Brief structured re-entry program consistent with the principles of RNR. Four criminogenic Needs that they have identified and addressed as having a potential to change were as follows Education/ Employment, Family/Marital, Procriminal attitudes/ Orientation and anti- social Patterns. Criminogenic Principle falls right under the risk principle, each of the four principles Have a purpose just like the Treatment Principle which is next in line in the Works Movement. The article “Getting the Most out of Correctional Treatments” it states there are two types Of responsitivity according to Andrews and his colleagues(1990) general and specific And general responsitivity refers to the idea that treatment programs will be most successful if They utilize behavioral techniques such as role-playing, role-modeling, problem solving, and Graduated reinforcement techniques(Andrews, Bonta, and Hoge, 1990). The study showed a Varied type of treatment programs and depending on the program is seems to look like their Treatment plans are working.

Last but surely not least we have the Fidelity Principle. It is known as the final part of the Works Movement. The Fidelity principle is the one that makes sure all the programs have to Actually deliver the services they offer, and they have to do so with consistency and a well Trained staff(Wright, 2012). I feel I have covered all the four general principles in an accurate Description to where any reader would understand what the “Works Movement” is about and How each of the four general principles work together as a whole. Without the rehabilitation Programs implemented in our correctional programs today there would not be any type of Works Movement.

Andrews, D.A., J. Bontà, and R.D. Hoge (1990). "Classification for Effective Rehabilitation: Rediscovering Psychology." Criminal Justice and Behavior, 17, 19-52. The Risk Principle in Action: What Have We Learned From 13,676 Offenders and 97 Correctional Programs? Lowenkamp, Christopher T; Latessa, Edward J; Holsinger, Alexander M. Crime and Delinquency52. 1 (Jan 2006): 77-93.  Getting the Most out of Correctional Treatment: Testing the Responsivity Principle on Male and Female Offenders Hubbard, Dana J. Federal Probation71. 1 (Jun 2007): 2-8,1.

Wright, J. (2012). Introduction to criminal justice. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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