The Working Student's of Sti College

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Working Students and Academic Performance
Working Students and Academic Performance of Panabo National High School An Undergraduate Thesis
Presented to the Faculty of College of Education
Of Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
In Values Education 119:
Behavioral Statistics
Jennefer D. Mulit
Rowena C. Genobiagon
Marvie Glenn B. Salading
October 2012
Chapter I
Background of the Study
Student jobs have become a sort of trend among students around the world, who want to work while they are studying. In short, the term that suits this trend is 'Earn and Learn' policy. Other reason why student jobs are popular among students is they help to cope up with the constant increase in tuition fees, and a way to afford further educations. The problem has been developed with the question as to how the corresponding working schedule, required working hours and salary of working students affect their academic performance at Panabo National High School. As a researcher, the main purpose of the study is to know the factors that affect the academic performance of working students. In addition, this paper aims to provide encouragement and motivation to all students especially those who are financially distressed to pursue their secondary and finish a college degree in order to be competitive in the future and be able to realize their goals and aspirations. It may also provide learning experiences and information to other students who are not working. In order to accomplish our objectives, we adopted several methodologies in obtaining data and information such as conducting surveys by providing questionnaires to our subjects, getting information in the internet and conducting interviews personally and honestly with our target subjects to get assurance that our data, information and values gathered were correct and accurate. (incorrect way of citing source, follow the sample I gave…) The researcher viewed the above background as worth investigating. It interests them to know level of performance of working students and academic performance at Panabo National High School. This study may serve as a contribution to the students, educators and school that can enhance the instruction, develop and improve the performance in core academic subject. Statement of the Problem

The main focus of the study was to determine the relationship between working students and academic performance of Panabo National High School. Specifically, it sought answer to the following questions: 1. What is the work schedule working students in Panabo National High School; 2. What is their working hour?

3. What is the status of their salary?
4. What is the level of academic performance working Students in terms of: 2.1 Grades
2.2 Class Participation;
3. Is there a significant relationship between the working students and academic performance of Panabo City National High School? Hypothesis
The null hypothesis was formulated and tested in alpha 0.05 level of significance that there is no significant relationship between Working Students and academic performance of Panabo National High School. Review Related Literature (Cite your source per paragraph)

Everyone seeks for independence, everyone wants for freedom; everyone wants to stand alone just to prove to themselves, that they can do something without the prescriptions of others. In the field of education or studying, there are lots of young people that cannot send themselves to the school, due to financial scarcity. Some of the parents are not allowing their siblings to study in tertiary, for the reason that they can't afford the miscellaneous and tuition fees. Usually most of the young people nowadays, do something just to cater this problem. They don't want to be stagnant or to stay in a place where in a lot of people mock and bully them....
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