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Child Abuse
Topic description and how it relates to human growth and development
My topic is on Child abuse one the “saddest and most tragic problem in the United States today (Snowdon)”. “Each year an estimated of one to two million American children are being beaten, neglected, or sexually abused by their parents or guardians( Ammerman )”. Infants only a few days old as well as teenagers are being victims of child abuse. Child abuse is the intentional use of physical force or intentional omission of care by a parent or caretaker that causes a child to be hurt, maimed, or killed. There are four different types of abuse suffered every day by children all across the world. The four different types are physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. Child abuse is a serious problem that plagues America's youth and it should be stopped. Child abuse has been around for hundreds and thousands of years. In the past twenty years, however, the number of cases has been multiplying. It has gained some attentions but is still in effect. Child abuse is a very common thing in today's society, although not much is heard about it. The abuse occurs in the home where the bruises can be hidden. The emotional and physical scars are hidden behind clothes, fears and lies. The abuse leaves scars with the children for the rest of their lives. Physical scars is the one's that cause the most pain but the emotional scars are the scars that last forever. According to researchers An adult who was sexually abused as a child has a greater chance of becoming violent, emotional depress, suicidal, and abusive to their children than an adult who was not abused sexually as a child. This topic relates to human growth in more than one way, I say that because imagine the trauma these childrens go through. Imagine the horror of having to cope with such a scary environment; and maybe having to live in it for years. Some of these children had to retrain their mindset to live that life, because they are so afraid of their abusers. Some of the ones that do escape sometimes feel unworthy of a normal life, so they become an abuser also or enter a life of crimes. Some of these children are never the same afterwards. Therefore they stick to what their abusers have been doing to them; abusing. Most of these people do not live to enjoy their lives; they don’t live up to the modern day life expectancy, they aussually end up in jail for killing and abusing their own child or dead. It’s a brutal world, and these people get worn out. What I knew abou the topic in the past

I became aware of child abuse through television were I saw a documentary once. It was really sad and heart breaking to see young people being abuse sexually, mentally, and emotionally. Most look like they were frightnen and very unhappy. Being that I was young myself, I got curious and decided to look up for more information. The stories I came across baffled me, it was unbelievable. I could not believe what I was reading. What was shocking the most was that these children were being abuse by their own family members, guardians, or friends. The very people these individuals trusted the most were the ones who were abusing them. Some key facts I knew about this topic is that the major reason they were being abuse was not because of something they did or say, it was because of fraustration or becaue the abuser had also get abuse as a child. Most of the abusers victims happened to be young children and young adult; who are sometimes helpless and defendless. When one think of the safest place for a child to be they ussually think of home ; However, for some children home is their worse nightmare. It is the place they get totured and beaten everyday at. I also learned that child abuse can happen eveywhere, at the next door neighbor house, in a public place, even at your own house sometime if not being too carefull. It is happening all over and will not be able to be stopped no...

Cited: J.Snowdon ( 2008). Long-term effects of childhood abuse on the quality of life and health of older people: Results from the depression and early prevention of suicide in general practice project. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 56( 2), 262– 271.
Ammerman, R. T., & Patz, R. J. ( 1996). Determinants of child abuse potential: Contribution of parent and child factors. Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, 25, 300– 307. doi: 10.1207/s15374424jccp2503_6
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